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AnnotatIST - Annotate ISTanbul gathering

  • Bogazici University, Istanbul
  • 28 - 30 May 2015

Digitized, distributed knowledge was supposed to herald a new golden age of collaborative thinking and doing. With physical objects we have used annotations as a way to markup or embellish an existing document during collaborative sessions. And indeed with digital objects on the Web, we now have a range of tools and techniques for annotating them. Yet the most creative and engaging forms of collaboration currently come to us via centralized corporate services such as that of FaceBook or Google Docs, not via independent, interoperable and open frameworks that support collaboration specific decentralized repositories.

We propose to discuss together the potential of semantic annotation tools with the creativity of real-world scenarios of making and sharing annotations, interlinking and harvesting these, and modifying, combining, and transforming pieces of knowledge to support innovative forms of collaborative thinking, making, and doing. Digitized forms such as web-based text, image, audio, video objects and subject ontologies offer unprecedented opportunities for people to work together and produce collaborative knowledge across widely different geographical locations and technical accordances. We also reflect on the freedom of expression, privacy and personalization needs of these emerging modes of internet usage.

The intention of this gathering is to bring together people who have been working on annotation frameworks and those who see the potential in annotating web documents. We aim to model a space and a form of technological practice, in an experimental collaborative workshop. After 25 years of the Web and over a trillion web pages, it is time to embrace the annotation game and transform our collaborative tools.

  • 28 - pre event - a long afternoon of introductions
  • 29 - why annotate today - talks and discussions
  • 30 - hack meet and follow up

Notes for 28th: I am trying to ask my group, LaborTech, to come in remotely to do introductions. We use GotoMeeting software which is on my laptop, if we can project that might be useful. -Kavıta

Generally: The idea of social semantic web and how annotations can address the needs of the emerging internet users such as low-literate, storytelling and content curation needs.

Technical: Interoperable, federated and contextual annotations, and annotation containers

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