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Girija Kalyana Demo

The GirijaKalyana ontology available now can be used as a reference for tagging the images and the web artefacts. It is available as File:IDH-GK.pdf

Chaluvaraju GK Demo contributions [photos documents etc]

To annotate images [Image Annotator]; (ask for user-id if you are an annotator)

(feb 2014)

See: GK (Girija Kalyana) one page "demo" for Hampi meeting

Update: June 10 Meeting at IIT Delhi

Mural demo page: http://folkhampi.openrun.net/mural-annotation/ And Demo of how to annotate information on the Web using the IDH Ontology: http://folkhampi.openrun.net/mural-annotation/web


Kalyanotsava Photos from ChaluvaRaju CRaju Kalyanotsava pics

IMG_3709_Kalyanotsava.jpg 111K

  A Devotee Presents New Saree and Dresses for Hampamma and Pampapati inside the Kalyana Mantapa (KM) during the ritual of Kalyanotsava.

IMG_3710_Kalyanotsava.jpg 154K

  Preparation for the ritual. Deities are placed in the KM

IMG_3711_Kalyanotsava.jpg 147K

  Same as 3710

IMG_3712_Kalyanotsava.jpg 112K

  Getting permission from Swamiji for stating the Kalyanotsava (KO)

IMG_3713_Kalyanotsava.jpg 129K

  Preist distributes the akshata for the devotees

IMG_3714_Kalyanotsava.jpg 161K

  Nothing more significant (N/S)

IMG_3715_Kalyanotsava.jpg 152K


IMG_3716_Kalyanotsava.jpg 135K

  Devotees along with family participating in KO

IMG_3717_Kalyanotsava.jpg 124K

  CRaju in action

IMG_3718_Kalyanotsava.jpg 159K

  Foreigners participating (Same: pooja prep)

IMG_3719_Kalyanotsava.jpg 147K

  same (as prev)

IMG_3720_Kalyanotsava.jpg 186K

  Broader frame of same

IMG_3721_Kalyanotsava.jpg 188K

  Ritual materials: akshata, fruits, flowers, thrishulam (symbol of virupaksha)

IMG_3722_Kalyanotsava.jpg 162K

  Vidyaranya Bharati Swamiji's presence

IMG_3723_Kalyanotsava.jpg 145K


IMG_3724_Kalyanotsava.jpg 158K


IMG_3725_Kalyanotsava.jpg 150K

  Devotees present dress material; poojari offering it in their name.

IMG_3726_Kalyanotsava.jpg 175K

  Closeup of deities.

IMG_3727_Kalyanotsava.jpg 179K

  Dieties in KM.  Top: Utsava Muruties (Idols) kept inside and brought out only during Utasava/rituals/festivals. (Wooden) Dwarapalakas. Pooja Murthigalu (Idols) generally in a glass case seen to public.

IMG_3728_Kalyanotsava.jpg 128K

  Devotee offering dress material for the deities (through poojari)

IMG_3729_Kalyanotsava.jpg 174K


IMG_3730_Kalyanotsava.jpg 161K

  Dwarapalaka (door man) idol

IMG_3731_Kalyanotsava.jpg 111K

  Devotees inside KM. CRaju seen with tripod.

IMG_3732_Kalyanotsava.jpg 91K


IMG_3733_Kalyanotsava.jpg 149K

  same. swamiji seen.

IMG_3734_Kalyanotsava.jpg 192K

  poojaries from both sides. Poojari in yellow (right side) is groom-side poojari. Ones on the otherside are brides-side.

IMG_3735_Kalyanotsava.jpg 132K IMG_3736_Kalyanotsava.jpg 166K IMG_3737_Kalyanotsava.jpg 150K IMG_3738_Kalyanotsava.jpg 125K IMG_3739_Kalyanotsava.jpg 149K IMG_3740_Kalyanotsava.jpg 149K IMG_3741_Kalyanotsava.jpg 150K IMG_3742_Kalyanotsava.jpg 157K IMG_3743_Kalyanotsava.jpg 171K IMG_3744_Kalyanotsava.jpg 160K IMG_3745_Kalyanotsava.jpg 156K


IMG_3746_Kalyanotsava.jpg 178K

  Ornaments being adorned

IMG_3747_Kalyanotsava.jpg 177K

  View of KM along with devotees

IMG_3748_Kalyanotsava.jpg 184K IMG_3749_Kalyanotsava.jpg 166K IMG_3750_Kalyanotsava.jpg 173K


IMG_3751_Kalyanotsava.jpg 184K

  Bride's side giving material to groom

IMG_3752_Kalyanotsava.jpg 169K


IMG_3753_Kalyanotsava.jpg 172K


IMG_3754_Kalyanotsava.jpg 171K


IMG_3755_Kalyanotsava.jpg 179K

  Bagina (Fertility/provisions) is being shown to the devotees.

IMG_3756_Kalyanotsava.jpg 165K

  Swamy touches the bagina

IMG_3757_Kalyanotsava.jpg 176K

  Bagina offered to dieties

IMG_3758_Kalyanotsava.jpg 172K

  Ornaments being offered

IMG_3759_Kalyanotsava.jpg 143K


IMG_3760_Kalyanotsava.jpg 170K


IMG_3761_Kalyanotsava.jpg 178K


IMG_3762_Kalyanotsava.jpg 184K


IMG_3763_Kalyanotsava.jpg 177K


IMG_3764_Kalyanotsava.jpg 181K


IMG_3765_Kalyanotsava.jpg 153K


IMG_3766_Kalyanotsava.jpg 183K

  Poojari asking permission from brides-side poojaries to tie the thaLi (knot)

IMG_3767_Kalyanotsava.jpg 191K IMG_3768_Kalyanotsava.jpg 180K


IMG_3769_Kalyanotsava.jpg 131K

  Tere. Screen held in front of deities. God's wedding should not be seen by humans.

IMG_3770_Kalyanotsava.jpg 152K IMG_3771_Kalyanotsava.jpg 151K IMG_3772_Kalyanotsava.jpg 157K IMG_3773_Kalyanotsava.jpg 140K


IMG_3774_Kalyanotsava.jpg 162K

  Groom-side gives kobari-baTtalu (copra-cup) to bride-side.

IMG_3775_Kalyanotsava.jpg 154K


IMG_3776_Kalyanotsava.jpg 178K

  Tere (screen) undone. People can see decorated deities.

IMG_3777_Kalyanotsava.jpg 169K


IMG_3778_Kalyanotsava.jpg 181K


IMG_3779_Kalyanotsava.jpg 159K


IMG_3780_Kalyanotsava.jpg 184K IMG_3781_Kalyanotsava.jpg 180K


IMG_3782_Kalyanotsava.jpg 180K

  Bride-side dressing the groom

IMG_3783_Kalyanotsava.jpg 179K

  Dress offered by devotees being used for dressing.

IMG_3784_Kalyanotsava.jpg 171K

  Same. Dress material used for decorations.

IMG_3785_Kalyanotsava.jpg 167K

  Sarees being used in decorations. Female recognized.

IMG_3786_Kalyanotsava.jpg 178K IMG_3787_Kalyanotsava.jpg 170K IMG_3788_Kalyanotsava.jpg 163K IMG_3789_Kalyanotsava.jpg 169K


IMG_3790_Kalyanotsava.jpg 135K

  TahLi on coconut.

IMG_3791_Kalyanotsava.jpg 136K

  Swamy does pooja to Mangalya sutra.

IMG_3792_Kalyanotsava.jpg 122K IMG_3793_Kalyanotsava.jpg 157K


IMG_3794_Kalyanotsava.jpg 169K

  Milk daare (poured).

IMG_3795_Kalyanotsava.jpg 183K


IMG_3796_Kalyanotsava.jpg 146K IMG_3797_Kalyanotsava.jpg 170K IMG_3798_Kalyanotsava.jpg 181K


IMG_3799_Kalyanotsava.jpg 172K

  Mangalya mangaLarathi

IMG_3800_Kalyanotsava.jpg 153K IMG_3801_Kalyanotsava.jpg 157K

  Pooja for Arshina (termeric), Kumkuma (kumkum), flowers

IMG_3802_Kalyanotsava.jpg 135K


IMG_3803_Kalyanotsava.jpg 157K

  Distribute flowers

IMG_3804_Kalyanotsava.jpg 153K


IMG_3805_Kalyanotsava.jpg 117K


IMG_3806_Kalyanotsava.jpg 183K

  Showing the mangalya to the audience

IMG_3807_Kalyanotsava.jpg 173K

  Mangalya dharaNe. (tie/adone the mangalya)

IMG_3808_Kalyanotsava.jpg 130K

  Ignore (bad pic)

IMG_3809_Kalyanotsava.jpg 134K

  Malarpane (flower garlands adorned)

IMG_3810_Kalyanotsava.jpg 122K

  Exchange garlands. garlands offered from bride and groom sides.

IMG_3811_Kalyanotsava.jpg 153K

  Wedding done

IMG_3812_Kalyanotsava.jpg 164K IMG_3813_Kalyanotsava.jpg 156K IMG_3814_Kalyanotsava.jpg 169K IMG_3815_Kalyanotsava.jpg 160K


IMG_3816_Kalyanotsava.jpg 165K

  Preparing for mangaLarathi. Incense sticks.

IMG_3817_Kalyanotsava.jpg 154K IMG_3819_Kalyanotsava.jpg 177K