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IISc CGPL UNDP MNRE Biomass Gasifier Workshop, Feb 4-5 2013 @ IISc CGPL Slides, Presentations, etc at

Minutes by Dinesh (needs cleanup)

srinivas UNDP (all material on website)

  GEF - global env facility - a trust to address climate change
  devpd nations contribute funds to mitigate climate change and

related innovations

      solar concentrator for ..?
      solar water heater
      energy efficiency projects
      typically with the govt

MNRE - tanushree is project manager

THIS project

  - remove barriers for biomass
  biomass combustion (punjab gives Rs 5.50 can sustain)
  large mega-watt biomass systems have failed as sourcing biomass

becomes an issue.

  thus sub mega-watt and sub 2meg-watt range

associated with TERI and Univ of Dehradun (in North India)

Srinivas Murthy of KSCST

 since 1975 the council is working on alt energy
 mohan and prithviraj at international bio today
 dasappa: many student projects are converted into products


  fuel linkage problems for large scale bio-mass projects
  (eg andra pradesh)
  ask for slides
  IGFC - integrated gas..
  1 lit of diesel by 3 to 4 kg of biomass
  biomass - great efficiency even at small scale (100Kw)
  6000 hours of operation = successful
  biomass atlas/calendar on what biomass is available when/where

srinivas: compendium of data on undp site from mnre 1.5 crores per megawat subsidy + $50k in addition - tech assitance (min 100 kw to max 2 megwatt) for captive its less


 converted surveys and regional reports into a digitized atlas
 forest based
 waste land

biomass (surplus) potential = 16000 MW

sheshagiri - biomass atlas

   biomass resource atlas of india
   also see solid waste capacity for tumkur

"in UP in karif and rabri season.. you can see a lot of paddy and wheat is grown"

 NDVI - normal derivative of vegetation index


  story: manufacturing pens
  5 yr ago came in contact with someone using US tech
  for sugar mills - where the mills did not have to invest anything.
  i tried to market it but sugar mills not impl interested.
  20-25000 acres for 50MW plant.
  met Dr Rajan to know about biomass atlas.
  then i was introduced to gasification tech.
  we went to visit a plant in Coimbotore.
  got a 2nd hand gasifier for a good price.
  Gasifier running for 4 yrs now.
  1.5 MW gasifier is Gadag going into operation soon. (why Gadag)
  Bio-mass: round the clock energy resource
  bio-char - new black gold
  choose bamboo plantations
      bamboo clubs will remain for ever and every year you can harvest
      no replanting
      harvestable from 3yr
      bambusa balcooa
      30-40 tons per year per acres
      20 liters per day per clum (drip irrigation)
      melia dubia (where there is more water)
      250 acres per megawatt
      10 crore per MW investment


 poly generation using biomass gasification
 velan hotel - thriupur - knitting capitol $3billion turnover
 & mall in 20 acre area
 (Acclaim technology services)
   also   asphalt production (on slide)
 MNRE has proposed a generation based subsidy

dinesh j kagathi - allgreen energy capacity 6MW at perundurai SIPCOT industrial estate, erode dist TN

  300km from blore - commissioned by May 2013

process configuration and economics:

  Independent Power Producer role (as investors)
  GM backer(?) engines (better than Cumins etc)

  IISc tech - flexibility of feed stock
              Gas quality
  activation chamber to make activated carbon - if fuel is coconut shell
  REC (Rs 1.62 per KWh) - its a concern today

conclusion session

dasappa and srinivas:

gasifier tech developed with the hosahalli project 1987 can it become a sustainable solution converted grazing lands to forests initially people not enthused about electricity women folk bringing water

 we dug a borewell and put up pump
 women made men sit and listen after that
 65-75% collection efficiency

brought in economic activities

 to generate enuf money to pay for services
 tumkur dist - near huliyurdurga

every kg of gas we generate 100ml of water processed water which is scrubbed has organics that pollute it and cannot be discharged into the fields - biomass itself can have contaminants can will be scrubbed.

calorific value of all biomass is same on ash-free basis CHO + H2O + Ash GoI has allowed 30% coal use in biomass units

(some ppl misuse it to upto 100% and can be shut down)

ifomia (also called besharam which is not used for burning for cooking as when you burn you get flesh smell) - absorbs potasium from marshy lands


 associated with largest powerplant in the field
 Coimbatore area
 Arrya high-tech energy
 1MW biomass gasification grid connected power plant
 commissioned on jan 2005
 plant has operated for over 40,000 hours
 area has abundant coconut shell thus the location
   coconut shell price (2002 price 750/ton then 1100/ton to 2600/ton)
   not viable suddenly
   mnre then released a subsidy of 1.2 crore
 2nd case:
 For captive power for Beach Minerals company Pvt Ltd Kuttam
 Cummins India realized this is similar to natural gas and gave warranty

D L SubbuKrishna

 env aspects
 gaseous emissions (no norms) and liquid emissions (liquid hydro

carbons and waste lube oil)

Date: Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 5:14 PM Subject: my brief minutes from biomass workshop at iisc cgpl