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The main reasons behind slide-show

Accessibility - this word is very familiar in internet world. Accessibility means access the things in a easy way, which is mainly target to physically challenged. Alipi is part of this accessibility. Alipi targets to print impaired persons like for E.g:- If a person who is able to read / write but cannot understand contextually , not illiterate, for those also web must be accessible.

Bringing alipi into small devices like phones / tablets device etc would be a great idea, because smart-phones have already hit the market and they are booming, so in next 2-3 years everybody would be having smart-phones and would be accessing internet over mobile phones.

Fire Safety slides here is an example and simple site link for idea behind slideshow. Here we explain how the page flow is

  • Choose a language between "Kannada" and "English" in the index page.
  • After choosing a language, it displays all next coming contents in same language.
  • In each slide it has an image and text content which is related to that image.
  • And if anybody has re-narrated an audio for particular paragraphs then audio will display at the end of that paragraph.
  • Now a person who is print impaired can listen to that audio and can understand the context of that paragraph or by an image which describes the paragraph.

Reason behind choosing Android

This tool is build for Android firefox. Android is an operating system for selected smart phones. It is a free operating system "(Free as in freedom"), so android mobile phones are booming in market and great part of it is it supports firefox with HTML5 and CSS3. Reason for choosing "firefox" browser is vastly used browser and it run in all operating systems.