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AlipiMobile is a project which ports the Alipi desktop Firefox extension to the mobile platform. The extension in the mobile platform is aimed at users who would want to check an available re-narration.

Web accessibility for the illiterate through re-narrations done by community interest groups. When a mobile user gets a link on their mobile phone and they cannot understand the content at the link, they will be notified of the available alternative narratives for the content at the link. Based on the mobile user’s literacy level or language or location, a narrative will be chosen for the user. If the link was popular enough to have various contributed narratives, its possible that the web page at the link will be rendered as a video to an illiterate user.

A browser add-on supports the activity of community re-narrations by interest groups who target specific communities. These alternative narratives are complied for community specific profiles and the pages are rendered based on a person’s language or location profile. This tool is refitted for mobile use now and tested with domestic workers. The domestic workers can choose a Kannada text narrative of the simplified Minimum Wages Act or listen to it as audio on the mobile.


  The description of the project can be found here