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AnnotatIST -- Annotate ISTanbul Gathering

View from Kandilli Campus

During 28-30 May 2015, a group of thinkers came together in a rather spontaneous meet up. A mixed group of annotation enthusiasts and curious met up at TETAM (elecommunications and Informatics Technologies Research Center) at Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey. A quiet campus surrounded by many old trees and a view of the Bosphorus - perfect for a retreat. Can't say how much the location had to do with a solid 2.5 day participation we all enjoyed and appreciated.

Participants: T B Dinesh, Emrah Güder, Onur Güngör, Lambert Meertens, Anil Menon, Kavita Philip, Fulya Sarı, Murat Seyhan, Sadık Tekgöz, Aslı Telli, Suzan Uskudarli, Orkut Yılmaz

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