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March Demo of Ontology framework

The demo focuses on GirijaKalyana (GK) Concept. GirijaKalyana refers to the marriage between Hampamma (Parvati) and Pampapathi (Shiva). The concept manifests in both tangible and intangibles of Hampi and also Lepakshi (other Vijayanagara sites). Tangibles such as murals, sculptures and texts. Intangibles such as craft traditions, rituals and folk narratives.

This would a demo of an intellectual journey around the Girija Kalyana manifestation in Hampi heritage.


  Images, videos, voice,.. of rituals and festivals of Hampi from Chaluvaraju
  Text Narratives from Annapurna.
  Text and Images of craft related to Girija Kalyana from Archana.
  Girija Kalyana mural and Kalyana Mantapa narratives from IIACD.
  Cultural heritage ontology with focus on Girija Kalyana from IITD.
  Image clustering and stitched image sequence from IITD.
  Also see GKDemo

Data types of interest for a frame of reference can be text, videos, images, audio, geo-tracks.

Cultural Heritage ontology will capture the historic, traditional, location and time-specific information relevant to Girija Kalyana.

Scope of demo

       User experience of this GK journey involves a traversal of the stitched image sequence of kalyana mantapa with a window view as a frame of reference. Navigation is ontology guided where socio-cultural context of the frame is portrayed through a dynamic display of media and narratives.
   Technical: Stitching of images to get a 360 view of Kalyana Mantapa. [_] Chaluvaraju to capture images of Kalyana Mantapa for this purpose. [_] Manasi and group to generate.
   Technical: Developing and rendering the cultural heritage ontology. [_] Anupama and group.
   Technical: Rendering of a stitched sequence on a browser. [_] Dinesh and group.

Tasks Timeline

   1. XML file with mural tag locations and resources (including ontology snippets) related to the tags 
   2. GK Ontology snippets for validation
   3. ??