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JNNURM, NREGA, and other development projects in Modern India

Leo saldanha on the politics of co-optation in development projects: [1]


Institutional Sites The Univ of Hawai'i at Manoa has a famous institute for Futures Studies. Debora Halbert does some good activist/feminist stuff there. An overview of the field IN THIS PDF [2]

The Institute for Alternative Futures makes this into a money-spinning consultancy gig! I can't quite figure out the politics of how this kind of pro-poor work actually functions: [3]

SF and Future Thinking The SF-encyclopaedia has a page on Futures Studies. It's not very well footnoted, but it makes useful links, pointing to the often-conservative politics of future-oriented thinking (from Thomas Malthus to Donella Meadows), and linking it to Science Fiction, as well as to a military-industrial-imperialist set of political concerns [4]


Open Source Education [5]

Open Source Design

If The Economist is onto it, you know it's mainstream now! And no surprises, they want to figure out how to profit:

"The big question is how to profit from all of this fevered making. Does open-source design risk breaking the link between intellectual property and value, and doing to designers what the internet did to music and journalism?


I'm looking for good close readings of the Stop Online Piracy Act. I'd like to figure out SOPA through an analysis of its legal discourse + critical close reading. Any suggestions?