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  • UID -- what is the culture, infrastructure, affordance Technology and availability?
  • Is it better e-governance if only the books are computerized and not the processes?
  • Auditability and transparency
  • Technological Innovations and Cost of catching-up
  • Wikipedia vs Encyclopedia Tradition
  • Feudal lords, VC funds and intelletual property infrastructure
  • Wikipedia article on History of Capitalism
mentions of transition from feudalism to capitalism was driven not primarily by the politics of wealth and
production techniques but by the mechanics of war. Industrial capitalism, however, replaced merchant as
a dominant actor in the capitalist system and effected the decline of the traditional handicraft skills of
artisans. The United States in particular has continued to push for the global adoption of capitalism. There is
general agreement that capitalism encourages economic growth.
It is interesting to observe the role of policies that provide excludability of information goods in the
information era where the basis of a communication network is non-exclusion (copying capability).
Later in the page: "the transition to the information society involves abandoning some parts of capitalism, as the
'capital' required to produce and process information becomes available to the masses and difficult to control"
tech.fortune.cnn article by kit indicate that lately the "Economic malaise has certainly driven many companies to
seek out open-source systems for a wider variety of applications, with some recent surveys showing tighter
budgets to be behind about 40% of corporate migration to open-source software."
  • Speed of sharing in the internet age
  • implication for chutneys and ketchup
  • e-governance systems
  • errors and allowances
  • The Hacker, Hacktivism and Innovation of the future.
  • Criminals and corrupt officials, technology and transparency (infrastructure point of view)
  • Rethinking physical and social infrastructure
  • Yule's comment on Searle's post discusses walled gardens being the money-sinks. And says

"Maybe government is where we need open source most of all -- as a way of thinking and as a way of "architecting" infrastructure." And while refering to Jane Jacobs' "conduit" says: "infrastructure should support differentiation and stretching"