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Some links

A SWeeT store: [1]

SWeeTs in the store appear when someone uses a browser add-on (or a bookmarklet, or a browser app) to SWeeT a semantic-tag about a Web entity such as an image or a paragraph on some web-page.

Alipi Project

Alipi uses SWeeTs.

alipi.us helps you get started. When you go to a web-page using alipi.us, you get a bar on top that lets you do a few things: 1) Author an alternate narrative for a part of the page that interests you, 2) See if others have provided alternate narrations, 3) See if any other page on the site has been re-narrated.

When you choose an alternate narration, say a Kannada narration for the page http://schedule2013.rmll.info/programme/le-libre-dans-la-societe/communautes/article/sweet-web?lang=nl, you can also see the SWeeTs that helped in order to compile this alternate page by clicking on "Info".

When you author an alternate narrative, a SWeeT is generated and sent to the store.

a11y.in is a re-narration service that uses the SWeeTs stored in a few stores such as demo.swtr.us

Also see the directory of pages that are re-narrated.


To add more about the architecture here someday soon.

A SWEET WEB for Sweeter us. http://swtr.us

Talks [2013]

 RMLL 2013 talks

Slides [2012]

 XPATH + tweet = social semantic web

An early and sketchy document on the SWEET messages on the Web.

Why tweet when you can bleat!

bah bah baa baa bleat

Bleat? SWeeT!

ps: bleats are motivated by our Follow the Sheep project. See janastu.org