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Minimum Wages Act is a significant information for Domestic Workers. Domestic workers are a typical "alipi" category of people in India. They are generally not literate and would find it hard to access a document such as the minimum wages act, without mediation.

For Alipi demo, we use the abridged version of the Law Relating To Minimum Wages created by Anuja Mirchandaney of ALF, Bangalore. This version was created to make it easy for people and organizations working on domestic workers issues and with domestic workers with minimum use of legalese terminology.

Here we use Alipi tools to demo that this document can be reached by them in various languages, while also increasing the possibility that the domestic workers can directly access this document in the future as their mobile phones increasing obtain the smart phones features such as access to the Internet. See ReNarrationAct for work on delivery of this on mobile devices.

The following two links represent two significant pieces of information regarding the law relating to minimum wages.

Minimum Wages Act [1] and the related information on the Revision of Wages [2]

If you go visit these pages using you can see the narrations available.

If you choose Kannada language and audio (typically indicating that you cannot read text) as your preference, you will see the page rendition change by substituting Kannada narrations that are available. The audio rendition for the page on Minimum Wages Act [3] is here: [4] (which can be viewed even without the Alipi toolbar installed).

See Alipi guidelines for Authoring Web Pages [5] in this way that makes Web content become inclusive of people of other contexts - we call guidelines on Web accessibility for print-impaired. This is still a working document, which will be proposed for a digital inclusion working-group of [].

Links above explicitly are:

1. Original content Revision of Wages:

2. re-narrated content in Kannada. Audio content also available:

3. Original content Minimum wages: