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Alipi Updates

Online demo:

Demo 1:

Audio and Text-replacement demo of the Law on Minimum wages

Demo 2:

Idea demo using Fire Safety page

Demo 3:

Alipi Mobile

Johanna Royer as reported on how the semantic associations can be marked with in a page: jo-report.pdf

Subramanya Sastry has written about the relationships between documents in the context of alipi alipi-relations.txt

Anand Bala has put together a few slides to explain the state of the Internet that motivated idea of alipi, some examples, and some pointers to students and other project needs alipi.odp

Blog posts and other writing about Alipi: (be sure to look at discussion in the comments section!)

Sky's phd chapter offered for renarration:

Blog posts available for renarration:

Other students' (Deepti Aggarwal, Florian, Taha, Salma, Johanna) reports at