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So far no government or Shi'ite paramilitary ground forces have attempted to retake the city, though air-strikes by US-led coalition warplanes have hit positions and strategic assets held by the Islamic State near the city. k GP surgeries have targets set each year to try reduce the 5 main killers of the population. These targets see the surgery rewarded financially for every one they see who falls into the 5 categories. So in essence what this means is appointments are taken up already just by the GP trying to fufill as many targets as possible, leaving those who need to see a DR in an emergency out on a limb. Yes i think it is up to us all to be responsible for our health, but lets be blunt, these GP Practices are running it as a buisness, care went out the window years ago. They work office hours and thats it. They too need to be open a lot longer, just like pharmacys are open until 11pm. I think as far as seeing your own GP then yes you should be able too. 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