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Follow the sheep is a part of Socionity project of the Exact Humanities group at IIIT-Hyderabad in conjuction with Janastu and Mitan Handicrafts. Briefly, Socionity is about providing contextually relevant applications for mobile users of selected communities. Follow the Sheep is about researching into possible mobile (smart phone) applications for the needs of shepherds. Thinking in terms of the booming technology, the mobile phones reaching every corner right from the urban area to the rural and how can the mobile phone features/mobile apps help the shepherds too, consider their needs and requirements.

Many of us think the common property resources (CPR) [also called as waste land] are good for getting various buildings for the developing towns. But when the thoughts are deepened.. Is there no use of this land? Who is using them? There are people across the globe who are depenedent on the these waste land. They are called herders and they are nomadic. On the seasonal change the herders has to depend on these waste lands to graze their folks. This project also concentrates on the nomadic rights for these kind of herders including the land use mapping - in addition to shepherd need applications. Our target group are shephards.

The target is achieved through bringing the data together. The data are 1) Shephard details 2) Route tracks - The path the shephards take their sheep for grazing. 3) ...