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This wiki is a space for communications and reflections regarding technology and society in general.

Janastu and Servelots work in particular.

See our recent JD: jd-janastu

We look forward to your edits, however due to spam we do ask you to introduce yourself so we can to register you (admin at janastu dot org).

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Some popular/suggested categories/entry-pages:

Research and Pedagogy Resources: Pedagogy

Also maybe of interest:

Practitioner poster Jan 11 and 12, 2013: DEV2013 participation.

a Past event: TGC 2011 on March 18,19 2011; Bangalore

Our work with pgsoc can be read here.

Janastu homepage:

Note: TechnoScience wiki was earlier known as Technology Governance and Citizenship discussion forum.

Also see Category: Events