Open Source as Infrastructure

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A discussion on how we can develop and address various cultural and societal aspects using open source developments over the last decade as analogy. We look at the development of open source and discuss why large companies are committing resources to open source as it makes business economic sense. What it is to give respect not only to inventors but to the uncredited many, and how we can use this as an analogy to look at various aspects of a culture as information infrastructure.


Contents is a lead into to other pages that consolidate one theme. Each of these pages should go through a collaborative refinement over time. Some of the pages are more complete, where as some are very rudimentary and will need work and further discussion on the significance of the alluded themes in them.

How Open source is making business economic sense

Infrastructure Discussion

ICT for Development and cost implications

Open Source in International Market Economy

The innovation excitement versus maintenance work

Culture of Infrastructure

Questions, Doubts and a To-do List

The Google discussion and Consolidation of Services

Open source and usability discussion


Historical Incidences, etc

Reference Links and related references

Questioning these relationships

Discussants, Contributors