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Open Source innovations are compare-able at a technical level to closed source innovations, not usability level.

Live Journal - started out as closed source is now open source and is being used by facebook.

  • mem cache (everything on RAM read with perl) and
  • open id : both came from Live Journal,
  • RSS aggregation was invented in Live journal,
  • user profile pic was first in Live Journal,
  • pics like flickr before

Live Journal was a paid blogging service and was profitable (Brad Fitzpatrick...made it open source, personal philosophy) and then was sold to Six apart...sold to SUP (Russian company) - Live journal became a dead service because of Six apart.

Dead Journal, Greatest Journal and Blurting were born out of Live Journal source.

People don't use open source because the service is a lot of work. Open source is not about control it's about infrastructure. People don't want to be in control...they do not know what to do with open source.

What makes a service cheaper and tending towards free is not "open source" but the number of users (stake holders of the service). An open source tool with one user = Closed source.