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ಕಾನೂನಿನ ನೆಡೆ ನುಡಿ / Re-Narration Act

Kanunina NeDe NuDi or Re-Narration Act is a project that develops technology, authoring guidelines and re-narration tools that can render web-pages related to Law, Policy or an Act on to a mobile device in a way even the semi-literate and illiterate can access them. The web-page gets delivered on their mobiles in a way that is appropriate to their literacy level and geo-location profiles. Groups who are working with semi-literate or illiterate communities can re-narrate fragments of an Act for their respective target community.

Case of Minimum Wages Act for Domestic Workers:


The delivery of domestic workers rights directly to the domestic workers through re-narrations of the act is demonstrate here.

It is done hand-in-hand with the development of a web-framework that generalizes this need for potentially all Internet-content. This project extends the traditional process of translation activity to a re-narration activity by a group who is associated with the target community. It helps users to convey messages in different way for people of different societies, regions and people with different understanding capacity.

Delivery on Mobile Phones: AlipiMobile

The re-narrated pages are delivered on mobile phones. For now, they are delivered on mobile phones with a Firefox browser. For example, a narrative of the Law relating to Domestic workers can be listened to in Kannada when the url for that page is clicked on. Also, the same page renders itself in a language of phone user, such as Gujarati, Hindi or Kannada. This delivery can be further enhanced by other groups working on domestic worker issues by contributing narratives that are appropriate to their target community of domestic workers and people working with domestic workers. These contributions become posts in their own web sites, for example: a blog post by NGOxyz. These contributions can also be images and audio. They will further be indexed for the "alipi service" and delivered via the "alipi tool" extension of the Firefox browser.