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Erik Davis notes: "As Deleuze proclaimed in his introduction to Difference and Repetition, philosophy must be a kind of science fiction. The strange rhetoric and monster slang of SF estrange one from the historical inertia of the "now", and allows a leap into "untimely" futures with their own singular self-consistency. SF also allows a rigorous yet hallucinogenic relationship with a scientific discourse D&G value without attempting to assimilate. "Philosophy can speak of science only by allusion, and science can speak of philosophy only as of a cloud." They attack the scientific pretensions of cognitive philosophy, while mocking logic as "less like a game of chess, or a language game, than a television quiz game." Yet by dipping into SF, they can extrapolate the conceptual imagination into a world transformed by science and technology."

On a tangent: Erik Davis also has some interesting writing on demons and magic; see