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Women and Youth in rural and semi-urban areas have failed to get the best out of the local school system, and have either dropped out of school early or have found literacy to be irrelevant in their everyday needs. These people now are able own and use smart phones. This work is about how "makerspace" in rural schools and nearby popular destinations can help demystify media technology, content creation and dissemination on their networks of smartphone users. Students, along with others, will build services for content gathering, archiving and dissemination and also produce media content themselves with the support of friends from their neighborhood colleges. Content will be material relevant to their daily lives that contributes to their personality and community development. Such content will be accessible to their community in their locality and elsewhere.

MediaMakers project can be described as 3 independent activities that come together to address a number of WEP issues discussed yesterday. Primarily, to help develop peer-group learning that can transform into sharable media (audio/video) modules.When girls can create and share these among their village communities, the families will be proud of their contribution to the community too and share these on whatsapp and such to their friends. And help develop community knowledge archives to in turn - not just school lesson understanding.

1. Media Maker Kiosks at schools This will have a recording, editing, archiving facility along with wifi and (solar) ups support.

2. Media Kiosk Making - using open source components These can be developed by students at makerspace like workshops.

3. The Mobile Media Studio A Van converted to be a mobile media studio and broadcast unit will help bridge these media silos and also help exhibit the student media activity to other schools.

and a website will will bring online updates and visibility on the net. Some audio by kids on

Some slides at

98% of rural users are men. 2016.

Rural Usage Patterns, 2016.

Dinesh iAnnotate COWlick short talk

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