Theory IS sf

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Erik Davis notes: "As Deleuze proclaimed in his introduction to Difference and Repetition, philosophy must be a kind of science fiction. The strange rhetoric and monster slang of SF estrange one from the historical inertia of the "now", and allows a leap into "untimely" futures with their own singular self-consistency. SF also allows a rigorous yet hallucinogenic relationship with a scientific discourse D&G value without attempting to assimilate. "Philosophy can speak of science only by allusion, and science can speak of philosophy only as of a cloud." They attack the scientific pretensions of cognitive philosophy, while mocking logic as "less like a game of chess, or a language game, than a television quiz game." Yet by dipping into SF, they can extrapolate the conceptual imagination into a world transformed by science and technology. How do we conceive of being when the distinction between organic and machinic dissolves? When reality is folded into virtuality, the body morphs, and computer networks suck knowledge into a digital monad? How do we think if thinking is chaotic at its core?"